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- sherlock
- doctor who


nothing new, just trying to fully complete assassin's creed: brotherhood.

creating in ps:

finishing my 50 favorite photos of Matt, the gif challenge and trying to do some graphics and gifs.


these are badass, you should follow them;
x x x x x
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DO THEM!!!!!

okay okay i’ll do either arin or syn’s tomorrow :)) 

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People who don’t get excited about music bore me.

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"i want to get to 13k" promo


so basically my follower counter is a few followers away from 13k and when i started to gain followers i said kidding that i wanted 14k bc 14 is my fave number, so woah i actually am kinda close right?? so why not do a promo and see some more blogs to follow and give a shoutout to some of u? what u have to do is:

  • follow me
  • reblog this post
  • that’s it

i’ll pick some faves and other 10 totally random blogs!!

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requested by anonymous

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I really enjoy your blog.

thank you very much aw i love getting this kind of messages because they make my day :’)

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i didnt even realize until it was too late!

i know, i fixed the gifset when it had like 100 notes ugh

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reblog if you want anonymous opinions of you.

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Get to know: The Rev.

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bornavillain said: me with the gtk syn and messing up his height :-(

i hate it when this happens, i’m going to fix it because i feel very dumb 

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